Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Google fun in Arabic

I don't know Arabic, but Google Translate has provided me and this blog with much interesting information.

A few minutes ago I figured out that the Arabic word for Jews is written اليهود , and I started Googling that word - and auto-translating the resulting pages.

Not surprisingly, one sees a mirror of the worst anti-semitism that one can imagine, complete with links to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, fake anti-Jewish quotes from Benjamin Franklin and all the other stuff one would see in sites like Jew Watch. It is quite obvious that when Arabs say that they are only against Zionism and not against Jews, they are not quite telling the truth.

Some cool tidbits:
Jews are the greatest enemies of the nation! The hostility towards Islam and Muslims has been and remains and will remain as long as Muslims and Jews on this land issue concluded spent from the years of what was, what is and what will organism God says (to find Strongest among men in enmity to the believers ... the Jews) - verse 82 Surat Al - Maida Faadaoh Jews continuing to Muslims become permanent certificate from the Koran and Albdehat established in the hearts and minds and conscience of every Muslim believes in this book and this belief witted can not Eglglh shaking him or anything in the world, hence the (ironic) and (students) from each Alaithiat are occurring under the pretext of peace with the Jews ... which will be! !

The strangest thing is to find that there are some who take Islam as a religion they believe in the necessity of achieving peace with the Jews, and Jews are not friends and allies want us good IT! .. But now America is the mother Habibet Arabs are justified fears that the sons of enemies wants peace and progress for the Arabs, while Iraq and bin Laden are the enemies of this nation said Amr Moussa said Amr Moussa, and soldiers Hezbollah terrorists are killers! !
But these madmen knows that the Jews are murderers prophets and messengers to God? IT! Not know these fools that the Jews of Palestine raped and plan to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque and annexation of Jerusalem the eternal capital them? ? ? IT
Here's a Flash movie that starts with a burning cross and goes on to celebrate American deaths in Iraq.
Jewish religious teachings that do not hesitate to describe the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, as "crazy man"

Here's a manifesto that justifies the elimination of all Jews - from the Palestine Info site (I don't think the English translation is there.)

Here's a nice Arabic Jews in Hollywood page.

More fun:
They called pornography and corruption with deceive hide under the slogans such as freedom, equality, humanity and brotherhood, deaths Muslim youth, women and Egronh vices, persecuted women, and working hard to get a generation of Muslims emptiness, not a doctrine, not principles, and ethics and added, pollute the minds of emerging Petheij instincts and gratification, sometimes video, and other Balfdayat, the envy of Muslim women screened and says, and let the strength and values of decomposition, and writers are similar in their women treated decently and, for the Ihrvoha Vtartha, writers for young people and women lusts, sheds for everyone's religion and values, remains a hostage of appetites and impulses , God said about them: The SEEK amok and Allah loveth not spoilers

You can join the fun by clicking on the Google search link for Jews in Arabic.