Sunday, September 09, 2007

Freedom of the press, PalArab style (XII)

Today it is Fatah's turn to threaten and beat journalists.

From Ma'an (autotranslated):
has seen the area around Hebron University today, Sunday, clashes between the Palestinian security services and students belong to the Islamic bloc Hamas, intervened when settling devices student conference held in front of the university students bloc.

Al "Ma'an" that the university administration refused Conference held inside the university campus, owing to the suspension of the study today, which made a request to Hamas held in the street in front of the university, and then intervened by security agencies rushed Badd using big sticks and batons to disperse them, which led to a number casualties among students and arresting others.

Security agencies and assaulted a number of journalists and newspaper photographers, and prevented them from covering the event.

Our correspondent reported that the security forces detained correspondents and photographers working with local media and global levels, and prevented them from using cellular phones or cameras, and after the intervention of the Hebron area commander Brigadier corner Samih summer, allowed for workers in the media to exercise their work, but that security agencies took assaulting them again and to prevent them from performing their work.

The devices physically assaulted a photographer Reuters applies Jamal, and his colleague, safe and Zooz, photographer USAID "AP" Nasser Alchioukhi, photographer and the French news agency Hazem Bader, and television cameraman hope in Hebron Imad reply, where he was transferred to Al Ahli Hospital in Hebron for treatment.

The medical sources at Al-Ahli hospital, the reporters were some bruises after being assaulted with batons and their health reassuring.

Condemned applies Jamal photographer Reuters by security agencies stroke beaten his colleagues, after giving him permission for photography in the region.
Ma'an names the journalists who were beaten, including those from AP and Reuters. So how do the wire services cover the story?

AP mentions it incidentally:
The security also forbade journalists from taking pictures, confiscating the camera of one photographer, witnesses said. Some journalists were also beaten.

As of this moment, Reuters and AFP have not covered this story at all - neither the demonstration with Fatah beating students nor Fatah beating journalists. It looks like the combination of supporting the Fatah thugs as "moderates" and being intimidated by them allows Arab terrorists, once again, to minimize negative coverage of their violence.