Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Civil war watch

As the countdown to Friday's prayer/demonstration continues, a Hamas man was shot and killed in Gaza City this morning.

5 Fatah men were hospitalized after being kidnapped and tortured for two days.

5 more PalArabs were injured by Hamas in Rafah as Hamas attempted to arrest one of them.

Hamas arrested a sheikh who is also a Fatah member.

For its part, Hamas claimed that they have suffered 1000 attacks by Fatah in the last 80 days, mostly in the West Bank.

The number of Palestinian Arabs violently killed this year by their own people is now at 517.

A PalArab policeman was shot and killed in Jenin by Islamic Jihad. 518.

A Hamas member died of his wounds suffered a couple of days ago during a fight between Hamas and a family in Gaza. 519.

UPDATE 3: Palestine Press Agency reports on a Fatah member killed by Hamas in Gaza City, and hios brother wounded. 520.