Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is one game the PalArabs win every week

For the 19th consecutive week, more Palestinian Arabs were killed by their own actions than by Israeli actions.

Those aggressive, genocidal Israelis with their sophisticated war machines managed to only kill a single Palestinian Arab during the week from April 12-18, according to the "Palestinian Center of Human Rights."

In that same time period 5 PalArabs were murdered by each other, including a woman in an "honor killing." In addition, two bodies were found of people murdered in previous weeks, including another woman, which makes last week's revised score 8-5, not the 6-5 squeaker we reported.

Of course, the PalArabs have a perfect record against the Israelis this year in how many PalArabs can be killed in any particular week.

As a people who are always so jealous of Israeli accomplishments while their own society literally wallows in its own sewage, this record should cause some much-needed pride for the oppressed Palestinian Arabs.