Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two Palestinian Arabs riddled with bullets. Ain't unity great?

Just another peaceful weekend in the unoccupied Gaza Strip:
Palestinian medical sources stated that the corpses of two Palestinians were found on Friday evening.

The sources added that the corpses are a Palestinian teacher and a preventive security officer.

The teacher was found in the area of Salateen street in the north of the Gaza Strip, the officer was found in Al Mughraqa in the central Gaza Strip.

Sources from Ash Shifa hospital said that the teacher, 40 year old Mohammad Aishan from Sheikh Radwan, Gaza City, arrived at the hospital dead, his body riddled with bullets.

The body of the preventive security officer, Arafa Nofal, who was abducted by masked gunmen in Gaza on Friday, was found dead just hours after his abduction. Medical sources said that Nofal was found with more than 30 bullets in his body.
Fatah is blaming Hamas and vowing revenge.

Also, a teacher apparently committed suicide. but I don't count that in my Palarab self-death count, which is now at 151 for this year.

UPDATE: A 24-year old man was shot and injured in Khan Younis. When the ambulance came to pick him up and his brothers climbed in, "gunmen" shot at the ambulance too, injuring 3 brothers.

This will certainly be on top of HRW and AI's agenda next week. Right after they finish condemning Israel for a Zionist dog biting an Arab woman in Hebron.