Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's apartheid news

From the European Jewish Press. Notice the people being quoted:
LONDON (EJP)--- At a landmark conference in London this week leading figures within the British Jewish community explored how to increase charitable donations to Israeli Arabs.

Speaking at the day-long event on Thursday, senior community leaders said boosting the status and prosperity of the Arabs, who make up 20 percent of Israeli society, is vital to the country’s democracy.

Significantly, the event was backed by the Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organisation, and the Ministry of Education in Israel.

The Pears Foundation, a Jewish organisation which says it "seeks to promote human and civil rights for all citizens of Israel" organised the event, and said it was designed to bring community leaders together to discuss how best to increase funding to the Arab sector.

In a letter to the Pears Foundation ahead of the meeting at London’s Lincoln Centre, Yuli Tamir, the Israeli Education Minister, welcomed the initiative as "enlightened and progressive".

"Israeli leaders have long understood the importance of creating an equal and inclusive society," she wrote.

"Enlightened and progressive initiatives such as this demonstrate the commitment and concern that many Jewish people around the world share with the inhabitants of the State of Israel to create a just, stable and democratic country."

Ze’ev Bielski, executive chairman of the World Zionist Organisation and Jewish Agency, wrote to say: "It is my honour and pleasure to offer my blessings on the occasion of the London symposium on Israeli Arabs.”
Yes - Israeli Jews are raising money from Jews abroad to help out Israeli Arabs.

Isn't that exactly what one would expect from an apartheid state and representatives of a racist religion?