Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saudi FM: Take our plan or face war

In an astonishing display of chutzpah, the Saudi Foreign Minister is telling Israel that the absurd "peace plan" that the Kingdom has been pushing is the only hope for peace and if Israel doesn't accept it, it has no interest in peace.

Mahmoud Abbas said something similar.

Remember, this plan says that the Arab world will accept Israel if Israel capitulates on every single issue (descendants of refugees, Jerusalem, 100% of territories.) And even if Israel does agree to commit national suicide by accepting these terms, there is no guarantee that Hamas or Islamic Jihad would.

So it seems to be a good time for Israel to make a counter-offer. Call it the Elder peace plan:
  • Allow Jews to return to Mecca and Medina, where they lived before the Islamic conquest.
  • Compensate all Jews from Arab lands for the possessions they lost when they were forced out after 1948.
  • Give control of the Temple Mount back to the Jews.
  • Rebuild or pay for all synagogues destroyed in Arab territory since 1800.
  • Change the laws in Arab countries to allow Palestinian Arabs to become citizens if they choose.
  • Allow Israeli TV to broadcast in Arab countries.
  • In return, Israel will establish diplomatic relations with every Arab country. They'll fully normalize relations, send sports teams and orchestras and dance troupes to perform in Arab countries.
And if they reject these terms, then clearly the Arabs are not interested in peace.