Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PalArabs in deep doo-doo

A sewage reservoir wall collapsed in Gaza, flooding the town of Umm Nasser with so far 9 dead and dozens missing and injured, and many homes under water.

This is tragic enough, but the Palestinian Arab reaction to the event is as predictable as ever:
  • The Palestinian Arab Interior Minister visited the site, to be greeted by gunfire (this is now being denied.)
  • Israel offered to help, and was turned down (although they said they appreciated the offer.)
  • Palestinian Arabs are blaming Israel for the disaster. IMEMC somehow tries to link this with Israeli attacks on the village in years past; the PA Environment Minister claims that the funding to fix the structure was in place but he claims Israel threatened to bomb construction workers and sewage pipes should the new reservoir be built.
Even though it is not directly related to this story, it is worth mentioning again that PalArab terrorists have dug up sewage pipes in Gaza to build Qassam rockets to shoot at Israel. It is possible that the minister is referring to Israel's refusal to allow more pipes to be delivered to Hamastan as threatening to bomb the pipes.

So once again, we see how these wonderful people respond to tragedy: by complaining, allowing and expecting Europeans to fix it, and blaming Israel.

It's funny, but not once have I seen a news story about Palestinian Arabs trying to smuggle water purification systems into Gaza.