Thursday, March 22, 2007

PalArab fun and games

No matter what part of the world you look at, people are all the same. They just want to kick back and have fun, like anyone else. It would be highly insensitive to demean others just because their cultural mores are somewhat different.

Cops and robbers is fun no matter which part of the world you live in. In Gaza, it's known as "Cops and Cops." Here is one participant and his adult pals, who are nice enough to use real guns to add authenticity. (And in the background are some kids playing "Capture the Flag.")

It gets hot in the desert, and nothing says "refreshment" like some ice cream.

Even better is when you can eat it in front of a guy wearing a ski mask with a submachine gun.

Different cultures have different playgrounds. In Hamastan, the friendly local police like to shoot RPGs into trucks of rival militias to cheaply create a paradise of fun for the kiddies. These kids are learning to share an axe so they can learn demolition - a highly useful skill.

Kids aren't the only ones who have fun in Palestan, though. The adults like to play a game called "tire fire":

Dance is an important part of PalArab culture. This is the traditional "Rocket Rockettes" dance.

But Western culture seeps in as well. Here is the Palestinian Arab production of Saturday Night Fever:

This is the side of Palestinian Arabs that the world doesn't see enough of, and we need to make sure that everyone understands that PalArabs just want to have fun.