Friday, March 23, 2007

Neturei Karta nut wants to be a minister in PalArab unity gov't

Ma'an (Arabic) published an interview with Israel Hirsch, the anti-Zionist self-styled "rabbi" from Neturei Karta who is the son of the equally deranged Moshe Hirsch.

It includes the usual drivel but here are some gems from the Jew that the terrorists love to pretend to love:
Q : You have representation in the Legislative Council?
A: We are working on that we have representation in the government of National Unity.

Q: Do you prefer Fatah or Hamas?
A: We are not a political movement nor interfere in the policy of the State again, we Jews want to live, submit to the Palestinian state because the Palestinians of the right does not matter if Hamas or Fatah.

Q : Even if the government composed of an Islamic regime?

A: We prefer the Islamic regime of the Zionist regime.

Q : To what extent is your relations with Mahmoud Abbas?
A: Abu Mazen is subject to the American administration and Zionist, so it is bound to affect people's admiration for the "remains" to remain abroad and maintain informal relations and not public because this could harm him in the international arena, and we contacted as well as with Hamas and we are working on that we have a representative in the government.

Q : What do you think members of the Knesset Arabs?
A: Itattakdon Arab Knesset members, such as "Haredim," that they could fight for their rights through their presence in the Knesset and this is not true and therefore they recognize the Zionist Perkins says every time the Zionists occupy the ground and you sit down with them and recognize them.

Q : What is your opinion in Islamic thought by the Islamic world?
A : We prefer the control of the the Islamic movement to the world at this moment...

So NK is to the left, politically, of Arab Knesset members as well as Abbas.

There are some lessons that Zionists can learn from how NK is treated in the Arab world. Whether we like it or not, they look at NK the same way many Zionists look at "Secular Islam" or other progressive Islamic groups. Both groups get loads of publicity, both groups benefit from immeasurable wishful thinking on "the other side," and both groups represent essentially nobody.

Westerners would love to see progressive Muslims gain political power, but we need to understand that mainstream Muslims loathe these people as much as we hate NK.