Wednesday, March 14, 2007

French and German universities host Terror U.

In the wake of yesterday's announcement of University of Manchester "twinning" with An-Najah University (a source of terror and "art exhibits" that celebrate blowing up Jews,) today the Arabic Ma'an News says that the University of Frankfurt and a French university are also adding cultural ties with Terror U. Autotranslated:
As part of a cultural exchange Palestinian French-German delegation participated Najah National University in cultural exchange forum, which was organized in each of the universities of Frankfurt in Germany, Berbinieh in France during the period from February 17-March 5, 2007.

Regarding the goal of this partnership Professor Samer Aqrouk it aims to provide information on all the issues of civil society and democratic life, and the issue of citizenship in the Palestinian society and Palestinian immigrants, their whereabouts, their living conditions, as well as the occupation practices and violations against the rights of the Palestinian people exercised, and the separation wall and its impact on the lives of Palestinian rights, as working papers were submitted by the students participants on topics of religion and state (citizenship), and Islam's position on the State-old and new citizens, between religion and international law, and religious freedom in the Arab and Palestinian artists and Palestinian identity, and good governance (good), women in Islam.

He added that during this participation screening of a series of documentary films namely : immigrants in the country, which exposes the suffering of the students at the checkpoints and in particular the students of the An-Najah University, and a Palestinian film reviews occupation practices, and the olive tree, which addresses the issue of how to falsify Palestinian history, as presented to the lives of immigrants living in the Palestinian territories and abroad journey in the search for identity, in addition to the documentaries the university, and the film title (story), which reviews developments of the Palestinian cause since the year 1917 until the year 2005,

Professor Samer it was during the visit to meet with Vice President of the University of Frankfurt, director of cultural relations and external been put forward a set of ideas for future cooperation.
I'm sure that the "how to falsify Palestinian history" was a mistranslation but it is more truthful than was intended, especially as they feed their European hosts propaganda about Israeli atrocities.

I always find it interesting that for a people with such a long an illustrious history, the Palestinian Arabs always seem to start their history lessons in the 20th century.

And somehow I doubt that An-Najah mentioned how many of its famed alumni died as "martyrs" while murdering Jews.