Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another peaceful PalArab weekend - 8-year old girl shot in chest

From Ma'an:
On the first day after the formation of the Palestinian unity government, Palestinians witnessed a wave of disorder in the Gaza Strip in which a young Palestinian girl was killed and many others injured.

Palestinian medical sources said that 8 year old Shaza Abu Muhsin was killed and three others were injured in family clashes in the Rafah area in the southern Gaza Strip.

The sources confirmed that the girl arrived at An Najjar hospital dead, after being shot in the chest. Three others were wounded, two of them were women and the third was a young man from the same family.

Medical sources said that two Palestinians were injured in crossfire between the Abu Aha and Almasri families in Khan Younis, both men were transported to hospital.

Security sources said that several armed men kidnapped Mohammad Abu Shamala aged 40, from Rafah. Abu Shamala is an officer with Force 17, the Palestinian presidential security guards; it is believed that the kidnapping was based on a family feud.
On Friday, two Palarabs were injured in a "work accident."

The number of Palestinian Arabs violently killed this year by each other now stands at 140 by our count.

UPDATE: A PalArab security officer died of wounds sustained Saturday night when he was shot while chasing some robbers (as far as I can tell from the autotranslation.) 141.