Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another example of PalArab news objectivity

I stumbled onto another English-language Palestinian Arab news site today whose self-description encapsulates the Arab idea of what "news" means:

PalToday (Palestine Today) is a Palestinian local news network, based in Gaza city, Palestine, it was established in Feb 2003,

Mission: aimed at bringing you the latest news up to date and breaking news,

Our Network is your gate to Palestine, history and memory which is impossible to erase, we are your window to Palestineæ Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa, and Holy sites .

Goal: to introduce Palestine to Arab & Islamic nation and to the world and provide information, knowledge and focus on the Israeli terrorism against Palestinian people

Object : unveil the ugly face of the Israeli occupation

We stand with our people in facing the Israeli crimes, occupation actions, collective punishment, killing, assassination, policy of detention & Imprisonment, demolishing homes, annexing lands,Separation wall around the west bank, siege, travel restriction.

credibility and neutrality are our principles in conveying news.

The neutrality is so obvious!

As far as credibility goes, its top story today claims that 4 Israelis were injured in Qassam attacks this morning, according to "Zionist sources." While two rockets did land, every Israeli news outlet I can find says explicitly that there were no injuries.

Well, they never said that they actually lived up to their "principles."

UPDATE: The Israeli media now does confirm four slight injuries.