Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Qods day - part 2

In celebration of the Ayatollah Khomeini's 1979 declaration of this Friday as Qods (Jerusalem) Day, here is an article from 1910 when early Zionism was in full bloom about how ruthless and bloodthirsty the Jews were as they reclaimed their land.

Can you imagine how awful life must have been for the Arabs there? Their economy went from practically nothing to a strong agricultural one. Real estate values soared. Hospitals were built. Railroads, electricity, telephones all arrived in Palestine.

Many Arabs became rich from selling land, worthless to them, to those strange Jews who actually thought it was valuable. Land that was considered by Arabs to be unusable were turned into gardens by the Jews - who then turned around and employed the Arabs.

Arabs from Syria and Transjordan, who stayed away from Palestine for hundreds of years, suddenly decided to move there - because those awful imperialist colonialist Jews were creating an economy where there was none.

Now, today, which Arab population in the Middle East enjoy the best living standards and the most freedom?

The ones who stayed in Palestine to live together with those horrible, racist, Zionist Jews in 1948 during the "naqba"!