Thursday, August 03, 2006

Those amazing non-flammable missiles

Here is what a vehicle looks like after an Israeli missile hits it:

Here's what a Red Cross vehicle looks like when a not-too-credible Red Cross worker convinces the MSM that it was hit by an Israeli missile:

This image taken from video made by Lebanese Red Cross workers Sunday, July 23, 2006 in Qana, south Lebanon, and made available to AP Television, shows the roof of a Lebanese Red Cross ambulance destroyed in what they say was an Israeli airstrike.

(Don't be fooled by the tone of the caption above - by Thursday, the AP stated that it was an Israeli airstrike as a fact.)

Notice the very neat "missile" circular hole right in the middle of the Red Cross symbol? Notice the rust?

Now, here's a picture of an intact Red Cross vehicle from the Red Cross website. Look at the one on the right:

See anything interesting right in the middle of the Red Cross symbol?

Riehl World View does a masterful job of destroying the credibility of the story that the Red Cross worker said, along with links to pictures of the inside of the ambulance showing no fire damage, nor floor damage, at all. Thsi reflects only a small part of his proof that the "destroyed ambuance" was probably taken from a junkyard.