Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Double Your Donation to Israel: Elder Challenge, version 2

Thanks to a very generous sponsor, the Elder Challenge is continuing on with a new goal!

Here's how it works:
  • Choose an Israeli charity from our list.
  • Donate money via the Web.
  • Email me (elderchallenge -at- gmail.com) with some sort of proof that you donated - a screen capture of the receipt with your credit card number edited out, or something similar that indicates how much you gave
  • I will contact the donor, he will match it, and confirm to me that it is matched.
  • I reply back to you with confirmation and update the total amount donated on the sidebar.
This way you can double the money you donate to your favorite charities!

The new goal is to reach a total of $2000 by August 11.

The charities are:
PizzaIDF Delivers great food and morale to the brave soldiers defending their land.
Friends of IDF Provides equipment and morale-boosting for the soldiers.
Zaka World famous organization that offers first response service to terror attacks.
Yad Sarah Bringing medical equipment to the northern communities that are under attack.
Magen Dovid Adom The Israeli Red Cross.
JNF Operation Security Blanket Sends kids from the North to summer camps in central Israel for a few days at a time
One Family Fund Directly helps victims of terror and their families.

(If one of your favorites is not on this list, let me know and we can consider adding more.)

Also, if you want to be a sponsor to keep the challenge going, please contact me at the same email address: elderchallenge -at- gmail.com.

Feel free to use the button above on your own blog and link it to this post. Pass the word along, tell others to take the challenge!

Thanks so much, a special thank you to the very generous Mitch at Tuvel Communications, and
!תזכו למצוות

UPDATE 8/8: We are now aiming for $2500.