Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Work accident MSM observation

Two Palestinians were killed on Wednesday in an explosion in a house in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City, Palestinian eyewitnesses said.

The explosion ripped through the house of the Dahdouh family whose sons are members of the Islamic Jihad. Two family members were killed in an Israeli air strike. The IDF has denied involvement while Palestinian sources said the explosion was caused by a work accident. Three people were critically injured in the explosion.

The sources added the two brothers were probably preparing an explosive device which prematurely detonated.
As the number of Palestinian Arabs who accidentally kill themselves while planning to murder Jews increases, I have one question:

How come the wire services have photos of the aftermath of every Israeli rocket attack, but hardly ever show the blown-up buildings and cars from "work accidents?" There are clearly plenty of photographers covering every square inch of Gaza. So where are the photos that document Palestinian Arab depravity and recklessness towards their fellow Arabs?

Is it because the story doesn't fit into the MSM playbook of the conflict?