Monday, July 17, 2006


Hizbollah (via their partners at Al-Jazeerah) claimed earlier today that they had shot down an Israeli airplane, and that they had the plane parts to prove it.

It turns out that the parts they saw fall out of the sky were from their best Iranian Zelzal missile (reportedly 200 km range). Israeli planes struck a truck carrying these missiles en route to a genocidal attempt by Hizbollah to mass murder Jews, perhaps in Tel Aviv.

As a result of the bombing, one of the missiles flew up in the air and then came crashing down again - and that was what the Arabs saw.

Of course, a Syrian commenter on the Jerusalem Post article linked to above is certain that Hezbollah really did shoot down an IAF plane - with a Katyusha. Showing once again the amazing ability of Arabs to disregard facts when they interfere with their own fantasies.