Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What if Israel had never been created?

A far-left Marxist nutcase named William Hughes, who writes often for loony left rags like Media Monitors Network, just came out with a classic piece blaming all the world's troubles on Zionists. (Interestingly, Iran's president says the same thing. )

Normally, I ignore his fevered rantings, even though they are unintentionally hilarious. For example, here are some of his ideas of how the world would be if Israel never existed:
  • 1. The U.S. would not have any enemies in the Islamic World.
  • 2. There would be no Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network.
  • 3. Gasoline would be selling for less than $1 a gallon.
  • 4. There would have been no 9/11.
I don't know what he is smoking, but I thought it may be a cool idea to come up with my own list of how the world might be today if there was never an Israel:
  • Egypt and Transjordan would have divided Palestine in 1948. There would be no Palestine.
  • Jerusalem would be Judenrein.
  • Any Jews who live in Arab countries would be living in fear of pogroms.
  • The Soviet Union would have gained complete control of the Middle East in the 1960's, and would have had the ability to starve the US of oil during the cold war. It may never have fallen.
  • Saddam Hussein would have had nuclear weapons in 1991, so he would by now be allied with the Soviets and ruling Kuwait. He would have nuked Iran, and he would be a clear threat to the US.
  • Islamic fundamentalism would have arisen anyway as a reaction to the increased power of the secular Arab states. Many Arab states would become like Taliban-run Afghanistan.
  • Adolf Eichmann would have died peacefully and William Hughes would be writing a glowing biography of him.
  • Computers would be slower and buggier than they are now.
  • Instead of having 6 million Jews, the USA would have some 10 million, making people like William Hughes write articles about the undue Jewish influence on American policy. But they wouldn't use the word Jewish - perhaps "Hebrew" or "Semitic".
Any other ideas?

UPDATE: Dave Bender has a funny take on a similar idea.