Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today's wire service bias

Yesterday, there was an anti-Israel demonstration in London, attended by thousands of people.

Today, there was a pro-Israel demonstration in London, attended by thousands of people.

So one would think that the media coverage of both demonstrations would be roughly similar?


Compare for yourself:
Yahoo photos with keywords "israel london"
Google news with keywords "israel london demonstration"

There is some coverage of the demonstration for Israel - in British news sources and in Israel. Very few other sources could be found.

But the coverage of the pro-terror, pro-Hizbollah rallies in London are plentiful - almost invariably called "peace" rallies. For example, a few paragraphs into this Australian news story "Global protests held for peace" comes this telling detail:
"Stop the killing, stop to the bombs. Israel out of Lebanon," shouted the peaceful protesters, many draped in Lebanese or Palestinian flags, while others yelled: "Hizbollah is here to stay. Zionism go away."
Calling that a "peace" rally is something only news editors can do with a straight face.