Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prophetic Palestinian Arab poll from November 2004

Results of Palestinian Public Opinion Poll 3-5 November 2004
An-Najah National University
Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies

If Israel withdraws from the Strip do you support or reject launching attacks against Israel from inside the Strip?
  • I strongly support 22.5 [Gaza Strip 30.2]
  • I support 33.8 [Gaza Strip 20.8]
  • I reject 26.5 [Gaza Strip 24.6]
  • I strongly reject 10.4 [Gaza Strip 17.6]
  • No opinion; I do not know 6.8 [Gaza Strip 6.8]
So 56.3% of Palestinian Arabs supported attacking Israel from Gaza at the time even after an Israeli withdrawal.

It's not like they didn't give adequate warning of their plans....