Monday, July 24, 2006

Outrageous bias at AFP

A Palestinian boy stands on the rubble of his apartment destroyed overnight by Israeli air attack in Gaza City. The US government views the conflict in Lebanon through the "war on terror" context, ignoring any nationalist goals of Hezbollah and Hamas, which could re-emerge strengthened by the crisis.(AFP/Hrvoje Polan)
The first thing that AFP didn't bother telling the readers is that the apartment building had a missile factory and that Israel dropped leaflets to tell residents to leave.

But the second sentence is astonishing. Hezbollah sends thousands of rockets towards civilians in Israel and AFP is castigating the US for not seeing the big picture, that Hezbollah only wants a state - that just happens to be in exactly the same place that Israel is?

The US has consistently called for a two-state solution, so to say that it ignores "nationalist goals" of terror groups means that AFP supports the destruction of Israel.

Because those are the nationalist goals of Hamas and Hezbollah.

And the comment that the terror groups "could re-emerge strengthened by the crisis" sounds like nothing less than wishful thinking.