Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One of the Israeli accidental bombings

Here is a rocket launcher:

Here is a water driller:

Beirut Spring asks sarcastically whether you can tell the difference between them, because Israel bombed two water drillers in a Christian neighborhood and apparently thought it was a rocket launcher.

I would guess that from a thousand feet up, they look very similar. And I would rather see Israel bomb the truck (apparently no civilians died) and play it safe rather than let it go.

Also this came after Israel dropped leaflets asking Lebanese not to drive certain types of trucks so Israel would have a better chance to target Hizbollah weapons smuggling trucks - and not kill civilians.

Beirut Spring may have been trying to show Israelis to be bumbling idiots, but to me it proves their unprecedented morality during an especially difficult war against those who use innocents as human shields. They hit a seemingly legitimate target, accurately, without human life being lost.

All mistakes should be like this.