Wednesday, July 05, 2006

News and op-ed links

The Daily Mail has an op-ed by Melanie Phillips that hits the nail on the head. Quote:
Just as crucial is to address the hatred and lies that are driving this violence. In particular, what must be combated with the utmost vigour is the Muslim culture of grievance, the belief that the West is engaged in a conspiracy to attack and destroy the Islamic world.

This delusion has meant that many Muslims misrepresent Islamist aggression as self-defence, and the West's attempt to defend itself as aggression. This double-think means that Britain is itself blamed for the attacks mounted upon it.

David Gilmour is bemused by Roger Waters' graffiti.

Khilafah.com trots out yet another article saying that Muslims aren't anti-semitic, only anti-Zionist. Then they try to prove that Zionists have always been anti-Islam, using mostly fabricated and out-of-context quotes from Israel's founders. Yet all the pseudo-quotes talk about Arabs, not Muslims!