Monday, July 31, 2006

My minor Huffington Post adventure

For some reason, the left-wing Huffington Post called me an Israeli blogger and posted a link to this posting. As a result, I have been getting quite a bit of traffic as well as comments.

In addition, there were some comments left on the HuffPo site itself criticizing my posting.

The funny thing is, all the criticisms completely ignore the post itself. Not one has yet disputed any of my facts. Apparently, just the existence of a pro-Israel post is enough to get certain people in a non-thinking, mantra-spewing mode where all they can think of are the old canards about Israel. Here are a few:
WTF? Why is this even on HuffPo? It's pure poison propaganda. Blogger even admits he's not even in Israel.
This gentleman evidently didn't notice that I wrote that myself on the posting well before he wrote this. Perhaps he didn't actually read my article - yet he feels qualified to criticize it. (The word "poison" was a bonus.)
I remember once about a jointly agreed upon UN resolution 242, and another 338....I wonder if they were enforced .....?????????
Here's someone who has no clue what the text of 242 and 338 are.
This is THE GRAND GUIGNOL OF HYPOCRISY, considering it's coming from a nation holding the world record for violating UN resolutions.
Not to mention a country ILLEGALLY armed with *NUCLEAR WEAPONS*, in defiance of the entire world.
Of course the US is even more hypocritical (if that's possible...), because our government provided the Israelis with the know-how to build them, but at the same time invaded a sovereign country for the mere (and totally baseless) suspicion they might have been considering tinkering with nuclear power (which of course they NEVER did. As EVERYBODY knew, including the neocon cabal.)
Again, not addressing a single point I made, but quick to jump on the "Israel and the US are evil" mantra.

I admit that I had to look up what "Grand Guignol" meant, and I was not surprised to see that the reference made no sense. But it sure sounded intellectual!

And, of course the "zinger":
What law does israel follow when it massacres children?
Yes, those bloodthirsty Jews again, always massacring children. Oooh. What wit.

And in my own comments section, I get things like
Steal land, ignore world opinion, bribe American politicians through AIPAC, collect billions of American tax dollars, repeat ad nauseum.
While each of his "arguments" can be demolished rather easily, is it utterly impossible for Israel-bashers to stick to the topic?

It would have been nice for someone to actually disagree with the points I was making, or perhaps to correct a mistake. It is possible (though not easy) to criticize Israel in a skillful and non-hypocritical manner.

Apparently, HuffPo readers are not quite on that level.