Sunday, July 23, 2006

Elder Tzedakah challenge expanded - 6 more charities for matching contributions

First of all, thank to my readers. As you can see in the sidebar, we have already raised over $360 for Israel and I have matched each amount donated.

Thanks to Backspin, I have a list of a few more worthy organizations that need our help. Here are the ones that had easy-to-access web forms and can take credit cards:

One Family Fund - directly helps victims of terror and their families.
JNF Operation Security Blanket - send kids from the North to summer camps in central Israel for a few days at a time
WIZO Emergency Fund - provides shelters and food for displaced families
Meir Panim - feeds many poor Israelis; providing emergency food and medical equipment to victims
Israel Free Loan Association - helps families get back on their feet with dignity
Kids 4 Kids - program for kids worldwide to help Israeli child victims of terror

These are in addition to the five charities I listed before that you can see on the sidebar. Go to their websites, give generously, and email me at elderchallenge-at-gmail.com and I will match it until we hit our limit (currently $1000.)