Friday, July 14, 2006

Chirac is a disgrace

Here is part of the current Ha'aretz news ticker:
17:24 Man seriously hurt when rocket hits Galilee village of Yesod Hama`alah (Channel 10)
17:20 Hezbollah anti-aircraft guns fire at IDF helicopters along Lebanon border (Channel 2)
16:31 Home Front Command to residents of Acre, Carmiel: Stay in bomb shelters (Haaretz)
16:26 Qassam rocket lands in western Negev; no injuries reported (Haaretz)
15:58 Three Katyusha rockets land in Kiryat Shmona; no injuries reported (Haaretz)
15:21 2 people moderately hurt, 8 lightly wounded in Katyusha strike in Safed (Haaretz)
14:49 Four Katyusha rockets hit Peki`in, several casualties reported (Haaretz)
14:45 Several casualties in Hatzor Haglilit lightly wounded by Katyusha rockets (Channel 1)
14:40 Three Katyusha rockets hit central Nahariya; several people treated for shock (Ch. 1)
14:25 Safed mayor: State should declare emergency situation here due to rocket fire (Ch. 1)
14:18 Two people lightly injured by rocket hits in Nahariya (Haaretz)
14:17 At least three people hurt, residential building damaged by rocket in Safed (Haaretz)
14:16 French President Chirac: Israel`s attack on Lebanon is `disproportionate` (Reuters)
14:12 Initial report: No casualties in latest Katyusha attack on Nahariya (Haaretz)
14:10 Katyusha rockets slam into Nahariya; sirens heard across the town (Haaretz)
14:08 Five Katyusha rockets land in Safed (Haaretz)
13:39 Five fires raging in Naharia environs following Katyusha hits (Haaretz)
13:18 Qassam rocket lands in an open area in western Negev; no casualties, damage (Itim)
13:06 Rockets near Naharia land in open areas (Haaretz)
12:53 Katyusha rockets hit Nahariya; no immediate report of casualties (Haaretz)