Friday, July 21, 2006

Canary in a coal mine

Once again Israel is expected to do what the civilized world tries so hard to avoid - tackle terror head-on.

Once again Israel will be the first to take on a new kind of warfare:
  • Where every single battle is a potential ambush
  • Where there is no front line
  • Where the enemy ignores the rules of war, but the army must adhere to them
  • Where the enemy maintains the legal fiction of not being an organized national army yet is fully supported and directed by sovereign nations
  • Where one side is unquestioningly doing the right thing but does not have the support of the world to actually win decisively
The lessons learned from this battle will translate to thousand of lives saved in future battles against Islamic terror, as the hypocrites from Europe act dismayed at Israeli actions yet they will eagerly study their methods.

Once again, Israel must do the right thing even while being criticized by the very people who will benefit most from this war. Secretly there is rejoicing in the European world capitals but publicly they must adhere to their dhimmified Eurabian worldview out of fear of the same terror that Israel must face daily.

Once again, Israeli blood is being shed so that the world will do a better job when the real Islamist world war starts.