Friday, July 07, 2006

Arabs killing Arabs in Gaza. No one cares.

Unknown assailants shot dead Dr. Hussein Abu Ajwa, 44, a senior Hamas official in the Gaza Strip, as he got out of his car outside his home on Wednesday night.
Sources in Gaza described Abu Ajwa as a leading promoter of religious and political reform in Hamas.
Palestinian Center for Human Rights -
Two members of the armed wing of Hamas were killed in a mysterious explosion in a house in the densely-populated Zaitun quarter of Gaza City.
It is believed they were preparing an explosive device that detonated by mistake.
Palestinian Center for Human Rights -
A 12-year old girl was killed Thursday in an armed clash within the Abu M'hadi clan in Nuseirat in Gaza.
An armed clash between the Foujo and El-Arja clan in Rafah on July 1 resulted in the injury of four people.
In fact, since the Israeli operation began, at least 15 Palestinian Arabs have been killed by work accidents, clan fighting, honor killings and the occasional bullet fired in the air that hits someone during a wedding.

Somehow, the 90,000 "security forces" haven't been able to make things safer for the ordinary Palestinian Arab.

Good luck finding this reported in the mainstream press.