Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Arab American organizations support Hizbollah

Here's the press release from the Congress of Arab-American Organizations in an article at the Arab American News:

"CAAO members strongly condemn the indiscriminate killing of civilians, especially of children," said CAAO Chair Abed Hammoud. "Over the past few days, the Israeli Army has launched an aggressive campaign in Gaza, then expanded this campaign of terror on a more severe level into Lebanon. So far, the U.S government has justified and supported the Israeli crimes under the guise of 'self defense', although Israeli leaders have bluntly stated that the objective of their bombings by air, land, and sea is to destroy the country of Lebanon and its infrastructure and collectively punish its people."

"CAAO members are appalled that, while the international community has condemned the Israeli actions and called for a cessation of its criminal behavior, our own government is not only supporting the killing of hundreds of civilians, but it is also encouraging the systematic destruction of two blooming democracies in the Middle East," said Osama Siblani, head of media relations for CAAO. "U.S. officials also do not seem to care that tens of thousands of the civilians under attack by Israel are U.S. citizens currently visiting Lebanon on vacation.".....

Alluding to an incorrect version of an eye for an eye, Imam Mohamed Ali Elahi said that the Israelis are "making millions blind, just for two Israeli eyes."

Even Palestinian Arabs would mouth words of condemnation when their co-patriots blew up innocent Jews in Israel. These Arab-Americans, on the other hand, don't have a single word of condemnation for Hizbollah's kidnapping, nor for rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. They have plenty of time to lie and claim that Israeli leaders have specified a goal of destroying Lebanon.

Of course, this is not the first time that Arab Americans have publicly supported Hizbollah. And this link has the classic quote:

I have never been to the South of Lebanon until my recent trip earlier this month. I went from Beirut all the way to the border in the South. I want all of the American officials to know that I did not see a single person with a firearm from Beirut all the way to the border, except at one Lebanese Army checkpoint. What I have seen calls for us to be proud: people living their lives, smoking the water pipe, playing cards, watching their kids play on both sides of the border without threat! So why are you calling Hizbullah a terrorist organization, and why do you want to take their arms? I didn’t see any arms.

It is mind-blowing that the culture of death and lies can flourish in the United States.