Thursday, July 13, 2006

Any moment now....

Any moment now, I'm sure that those noble folks who volunteered to be human shields to protect Saddam's Iraq are flying to Israel as we speak to protect Israeli citizens from Hizbollah rockets. These are, after all, fearless people with a strong sense of justice, who are against all forms of aggression.

Any moment now, I expect we'll be hearing about peace rallies against Hizbollah's unprovoked attack, where the masses of moderate Arabs will be speaking for justice.

Any moment now, op-ed pages will be filled with strong words from famous leftists and peace activists strongly condemning Hizbollah, and Lebanon for not acting against them in accordance with UN resolutions.

All these things are imminent, I just know it. Because these people truly care about all humanity.

UPDATE: I've got to give credit where credit is due. Israel's Peace Now members will spend the weekend in the north in order to support residents on the frontline. Saudi Arabia has rebuked Hizbollah.