Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who will be the Sderot sacrifice?

Seven Kassam rockets hit Sderot yesterday and, miraculously, no one has died in the latest barrage, even though some hit houses.

It is inevitable that one day the miracles will run out and people will die in Sderot from Kassam attacks. And it is inevitable that Israel will respond with a small-scale ground operation to Gaza followed by a quick withdrawal. And it is inevitable that there will be more rocket attacks, and soon Kassams will be replaced with Katyushas. And it is inevitable that Israel will have to go back into Gaza more permanently to stop these inevitable attacks.

The only problem is, Israel seems to want to wait until some of her citizens are dead first.

Even though the motives of the scum launching the rockets are identical to the motives of suicide bombers - to kill as many Jews as possible. Even though the PA has not the slightest interest in stopping the terror.

Still, Israel is responding with the occasional assassination and lots of tough words, rather than taking care of the problem in the only way it will be taken care of anyway. Inevitably.