Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today's GoozNews: Israel assassinating thousands of scientists!

Iranian "news" once again scoops the world!
TEHRAN, June 27 (MNA) -- Reports published by the Arab media indicate that death squads connected with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad have assassinated more than 2500 Iraqi scientists over the past three years.

Most of these scientists were specialists in the field of nuclear physics.

In addition, since the downfall of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein, 3000 scientists, university professors, and engineers have been compelled to leave their country due to insecurity.

According to documents compiled by the Iraqi Human Rights Committee, after the U.S. occupation of Iraq, elements from the Mossad entered the country posing as technical and service company employees, and as a first step, started to collect information about young Iraqi physicists.

With the help of remnants of the former Baath regime, these Mossad agents then set ambushes and assassinated the scientists.

Israel has named this operation “curettage” because through these assassinations it wants to prevent the Iraqi government from making use of these scientists to regain its scientific status, rebuild its nuclear installations, and develop nuclear technology.

The Zionist regime is also threatening other academic figures in Iraq to convince them to leave their homeland, and there is a daily increase in the number of Iraqi scientists fleeing the country.

Naturally, over the past few years, various Iraqi government officials have informed the United States of their concerns about the assassination of the country’s scientific figures, but, unfortunately, these activities are continuing.

An unusual aspect of these assassinations is the fact that the Mossad agents usually choose targets from a particular religious group so as to also foment sectarian strife while physically eliminating the scientists.

The Mossad’s assassination strategy is not limited to Iraq but also targets prominent figures throughout the Islamic world.
Yeah, Israel seems really worried about the Iraqi nuclear program.

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