Thursday, June 08, 2006

The survey and the MSM

The only mention of the Bir Zeit University survey mentioned in my previous article is in this dispatch from AP, by terror-apologist Mohammed Daraghmeh:

A new survey released Tuesday showed 77 percent of Palestinians would vote in favor of the proposal. The survey of 1,200 Palestinians was conducted by Bir Zeit University in the West Bank and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Here is a textbook example of how the media manipulates the news it spoonfeeds to the world to conform to its already pre-existing script.

The script is that Mahmoud Abbas, man of peace, is pressuring Hamas to change its wicked ways and accept Israel's existence. Using the sheer will of the peaceful Palestinian Arab people, he is going to force Hamas to realize that peaceful means are the only way possible, by having the people vote directly for a peace plan that recognizes Israel and supports the idea of living side-by-side with Israel.

The reality is what I wrote in my last posting: the "proposal" is not peaceful at all, it does not recognize Israel, and it even advocates Israel's destruction under the "right of return"; the poll showed that Palestinian Arabs themselves are almost unanimous in supporting terror against Jewish civilians to some extent, and the authors of the proposal who are idolized by Palestinian Arabs are convicted murderers and terrorists.

It is not like the survey results are only in Arabic - they are in English and available to any reporter or person with a web browser. While it may be argued that the poll is not strictly scientific (the questions appear to be somewhat leading,) if the results that adhere to the MSM script are news, one would hope that the lopsided results that rip the script to shreds are at least as newsworthy. 96% of them supporting terror(with a margin of error of 3%!) is as close to unanimous as you will ever find in any survey, and at some point the world needs to look at what the Palestinian Arab people truly want.

Even if the answers may be very, very ugly.