Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Prisoner's Plan" too peaceful for Hamas

Surfing the news about the agreement between Fatah and Hamas shows in a very real way how poor the mainstream media is at real reporting:
New Hamas-Fatah Plan Recognizes Israel
Helena Independent Record, MT - 35 minutes ago
By IBRAHIM BARZAK. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The rival Hamas and Fatah movements agreed on a plan implicitly recognizing Israel, a ...
No recognition of Israel - Hamas
BBC Bulgaria, Bulgaria - 36 minutes ago
Rival Palestinian political factions Fatah and Hamas have reached agreement on a common political strategy to try to end a damaging power struggle....

Obviously getting real details about this plan is impossible from the likes of AP's Ibrahim Barzak.

What we do know is that the original "prisoner's plan" is not in any way, shape or form a recognition of Israel. We also know that Hamas has made clear many times, including today, that they will never recognize Israel, and that the AP is just lying.

What is not being reported is this little tidbit about how Hamas managed to change the plan so they would agree to it. Thanks to Islam Online, we can get a little closer to the truth:
The senior lawmaker told IOL the agreement came after changes introduced by the ruling Hamas movement to the original text.

The most important change is a phrase introduced in the preamble which stipulates that "rights are not written off by the passage of time."

Hamas believes this phrase will block any agreement that makes concessions on inalienable Palestinian rights.

The 18-point national reconciliation document also calls for "focusing" resistance attacks against Israeli forces in areas occupied in 1967.

The original text restricted resistance operations to areas occupied in 1967.

The amended text also calls for "working" to form a national unity government instead of the earlier call to form such a government.
So in the end, Hamas deleted the one part of the document that was remotely approaching anything that could be called partially moderate - the idea of not attacking Jewish grandmothers inside the "green line" - and changed it to allow that if they feel it is necessary.

It is a non-story, a joke that if anything proves Abbas' impotence.

Oh, and the logic that makes idiots like AP reporters believe that it accepts Israel? The document calls for establishing a state in the territories only to begin with, and by some perverted mind- twisting and squinting these people think that this means an acceptance of Israel.

Yeah, right.