Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ha'aretz' Shavuot present to Arabs: the Kotel

In an editorial that is ridiculously far-far-left even by al-Ha'aretz' standards, the esteemed publication advocates Israel giving up all of the Old City of Jerusalem:
Israel is having trouble formulating a logical and consistent stance with regard to East Jerusalem, and therefore it has been taking inconsistent and hypocritical steps. The decision to allow East Jerusalem residents to participate in the PA elections is part of this same duality. East Jerusalem's residents live here, vote for the PA and are citizens of Jordan. Instead of removing Palestinian parliamentarians from the eastern part of the city, it would be better to remove East Jerusalem from the State of Israel and transfer it to the Palestinian Authority.
So, if Israel is hypocritical, we must punish ourselves!

In Ha'aretz' world, a Jewish-majority state is desirable, but Judaism is not. (Talk about hypocrisy!) The ideal Israel would be a clone of Delaware, or perhaps Duba'i. The Jerusalem that we've cried over for two thousand years is just a bit of worthless real estate.

I would suggest that Ha'aretz' editors just stop being wishy-washy and convert to Islam already, but Muslims would not be interested in anyone with so little attachment to any belief system.

(Interestingly, since it is apparent that al-Ha'aretz' Judaism is purely ethnic and not religious, the desire to disengage from Arabs really does smack of racism. So I predict that as soon as they realize this, they will be writing editorials advocating the right of return for all Palestinian Arabs and the renaming of Israel to Falashtin. Otherwise, they'd be guilty of the hypocrisy they pretend to be so concerned about.)