Tuesday, June 13, 2006

AP puff piece on anti-Israel/anti-US comic book

This morning AP published a puff piece about an Arab superhero comic book that is available in the US:

LOS ANGELES -- If Batman had a twin sister, her name most likely would be Aya, "princess of darkness."

Just like Batman's alter ego, Bruce Wayne, Middle Eastern comic-book superstar Aya launched her quest for vengeance against evil after witnessing her father's murder.

And while Batman stands vigil over Gotham City, Aya keeps watch over the City of All Faiths, which could easily pass for Jerusalem if it were ever overrun by cartoon villains.

Aya's creator, Ayman Kandeel, hopes such superhero similarities will resonate with Americans and that comic-book readers will embrace the new Middle Eastern crime-fighter and her fellow AK Comics superheroes - Lone Warrior Rakan, the Last Pharaoh Zein and Jalila, saviour of the City of All Faiths.

"I think our characters are global," says Kandeel, who launched AK Comics in his native Egypt four years ago and is now rolling out its stable of superheroes in the United States.
The part that the AP decides isn't relevant to this story is that the major female superhero, Jalila - a female scientist who at the age of 16 survived an explosion at the Dimodona nuclear plant (a reference to Israel's Dimona nuclear research reactor), and gained super-powers from the radiation. She protects the City of All Faiths (Jerusalem) from the warring Zios Army (guess who) and the United Liberation Force (guess who again.)

This story came out over a year ago. To be fair, from looking at the synopses of the comic books themselves it looks more like standard superhero fare than explicit hatemongering against Israel, but the subtext is there and it is crystal clear. The fact that the AP decides not to mention it is just another in a long string of whitewashing we've come to expect from the MSM.