Thursday, June 15, 2006

111111111111111 and 1000000000000000

Others may celebrate milestones in boring Base 10, but I'm a binary type of guy.

Today, I received my 32,767th and 32,768th visitors (according to Sitemeter - StatCounter has me at well over 36,000 but I think Sitemeter is more accurate.) This is, of course, a power of 2, so in binary notation I just received my visitors number 111111111111111 and 1000000000000000. Now, those are numbers that would look cool on an odometer!

#32767 is from Argentina and #32768 is from Canada.

Readership is moving steadily upwards. While this blog is tiny compared to many, for the past few days I've averaged 150 unique visitors and over 200 pageviews (mostly because I was quoted a couple of times in the Backspin blog.) When I crosspost to Infidel Bloggers Alliance I get a much higher readership, of course.

The International Zionist Web that I founded is growing slowly as well. Feel free to join - just let me know and place the graphic on your site.

Thanks so much to all who hang out in my humble corner of the blogosphere!