Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A-Z Meme (gee, thanks AbbaGav)

I am always torn about these things. On the one hand, they are pretty much identical to computer viruses (and chain letters) and I don't like to help propagate them. On the other hand, someone actually wants to know how I would answer the questions.

So, here are my answers to the A-Z meme, but I will not pass it on to others, especially right before Pesach!

Accent: None that I'm aware of. I like to think I speak in the same way a national anchorman speaks.
Booze: I never understood why people like drinking things that taste like ashtrays. When I must drink for some social reason, I can stomach a gin and tonic. That is very rare.
Chore I Hate: Pretty much all of them. That's why they are called "chores."
Dogs/Cats: We have a Lhasa Apso, perhaps the dumbest dog in the world. In fact, that's how I call him: "Here, you stupid dog!" And he always comes to me.
Essential Electronics: PC, Casio Exilim camera, Blackberry. And my old Treo which has Bejeweled and a siddur. And a USB memory stick. And a USB WiFi adapter. And a Panasonic camcorder. And....
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Some twenty years ago, when I taught Hebrew school, I got two colognes for Chanukah. One was English Leather. It took me years before I could bring myself to throw them out.
Gold & Silver: Sorry, I didn't read how others answered this, so I don't know what it means. I don't have any, at any rate.
Hometown: Born in Philadelphia, now in central NJ.
Insomnia: Only when thinking about blogging. Which is often.
Job Title: Guru.
Kids: 2, known as Daughter of Ziyon and Junior Elder.
Living Arrangements: I share my bedroom with my wife. Shocking, I know.
Most Admired Trait: How would I know? The readers need to answer that one.
Number of Sexual Partners: More than zero and less than two, unless I'm really forgetful.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Bli ayin hora, never for myself. DoZ was born on a Friday night so I did stay in the hospital that night.
Phobia: Memes.
Quote: "You deserve the best, but nobody owes you anything." -E. of Z.
Religion: The Jewish part is easy, but I have no idea which subdivision of Orthodoxy I might fit in.
Siblings: 2.
Time I Usually Wake Up: 6.
Unusual Talent: The ability to make faces in a crowded room to a teenage daughter, making her laugh despite herself, without anyone else noticing.
Vegetable I Refuse To Eat: Plenty I dislike but haven't yet seen any I couldn't force down.
Worst Habit: Apparently, responding to memes.
X-Rays: Well, my teeth have been X-rayed a few tmes.
Yummy Foods I Make: My rule is never to spend more time making a food than it takes to eat it. I used to doctor up pre-made foods when I was single, for example putting honey on pre-made breaded chicken before baking, or putting chopped onions in pre-made chopped liver, and those shortcuts made ordinary pre-packaged stuff much more interesting.
When my kids were little I would ask them to take out 3 random (non-dairy)ingredients from the refrigerator or cupboard and then I would mix them up and put it on chicken pieces. Practically everything works (mustard, marmalade, OJ, onions....)
Why I spent more time answering about how little time I spend on food preparation, I do not know.
Zodiac Sign: Virgo, both in my Hebrew and English birthdays.