Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What Liberals and Muslims have in common

I just read a bizarre article from looney left cartoonist Ted Rall, pretty much praising Hamas and ranting against the West, saying Israel should give Hamas lots of money and that Hamas has proven its peaceful intentions, plus some moonbat ravings at neocons for good measure. In his worldview, there is nothing good about the West and nothing bad about radical Islam. For example:
The Bushies might have lost Afghanistan and Iraq, but they got exactly what they wanted in Palestine: democratic elections, a peaceful transfer of power, a radical Islamist group ready to disavow terrorism and transform itself into a parliamentary political party, a majority party willing to work with Israel and her allies. It was a staggering victory for the neoconservative agenda, a golden opportunity to co-opt one of the most prominent organizations of militant Muslims in the world, and proof positive that democracy prevails over terrorism.
Of course we have the astonishing stupidity of his remarks, especially in the wake of the Tel Aviv terror attack that Rall's peaceful Hamas endorsed. It is way too easy to waste ones time pointing out Rall's willful ignoring of facts as he makes his case, yet again, that the right-wing is evil incarnate and that Islamic terrorists are just misunderstood freedom fighters.

But what struck me is that you hardly ever see mainstream, thinking liberals blast morons like Rall. Most Senate Democrats are not idiots, and many liberal commentators are quite bright as well. Occasionally, when a moonbat like Rall really crosses the line there may be a small show of outrage by the mainstream Left, but in general the liberals are loathe to publicly distance themselves from the lunatic, Daily Kos fringe.

Just like ordinary Muslims are mostly silent when their "tiny minority" of terrorists attack Westerners.

The reasons may be different, but the results are the same - both Islam and the Left have become hijacked by the nutcases, because there is no sense of palpable outrage from the mainstream.

And in the cases of both the Ralls and the Islamic Jihads of the world, what is needed is not an occasional op-ed here and there saying "well, they went a little too far, but I can understand their anger." What is needed is a wholesale purging of the offensive elements and a reclaiming of the middle.

(It is not surprising that many of the "9/11 Republicans" still embrace traditionally liberal viewpoints on subjects like abortion and women's rights. They are not rebelling against the Joe Liebermans or Alan Dershowitzes of the world, but they are disgusted at the Ted Ralls. )