Monday, April 03, 2006

Logic doesn't enter into it

The world is coming up with ways to accept Hamas, notwithstanding Hamas making no claims whatsoever to have any interest in peace unless it includes the destruction of Israel.

To make matters worse, the Israeli elections appeared to be a testament to exhaustion.

If even Israelis are sick and tired of defending their land, how can we expect the world to care?

The cult of the "peace process" continues and the twin myths of the roadmap and Oslo show no signs of disappearing. How much of it is due to left-wing stupidity and how much to deep-rooted Jew-hatred, I do not know.

But what is clear is that facts and logic and strategy are in woefully short supply in how the world (and even Israel) is dealing with the threat to Israel and the West from Islamism. And this is the scariest part of all.