Sunday, April 23, 2006

Google News indexes Arab joke site as "news"

I've mentioned before that Google News indexes some questionable "news" sources, but it appears that they have outdone themselves - they now index an Arab joke site, sort of like The Onion without the humor, called Kabobfest. Here is a typical article with some hilarious Arab Holocaust jokes.

Kabobfest is nothing more than a Blogger site with a bunch of contributors. Many of its stories are just made up, yet Google has no problem treating it the same as it treats the New York Times. (Then again....)

Interestingly, one main contributor is someone named Nadeem, who is apparently Nadeem Muaddi, a leader of the ISM who sometimes poses online as a Jew named Chaim Sugarman, and even has pretend conversations with him on the Kabob blog.

Jihad Unspun was eventually dropped by Google, but the Kabobfest site is still indexed a few days after I emailed Google.