Thursday, April 06, 2006

EU decides to prop up Hamas. They're only after Jews, after all.

The stupidity and immorality of the EU is breathtaking.
European Union diplomats have rejected a proposal to suspend direct aid to the Palestinian Authority because some EU countries consider the measure “too brutal”.

Representatives of the 25 EU member states refused to endorse a European Commission proposal that would have suspended co-operation with the PA, led by Hamas, the militant Islamist group.

Countries such as France and the UK said it would send a wrong and even “brutal” signal if the EU halted aid to the PA without first developing ideas on alternative ways of delivering assistance.

Some EU officials argue that eventually Europe will have to engage with Hamas, which, together with its parent group the Muslim Brotherhood, is becoming one of the Arab world’s most popular and electorally formidable organisations.

The debate indicates Europe’s more gradual approach to demands agreed with the US on the Hamas-led PA. While Washington insists the PA must renounce violence, recognise Israel and abide by past agreements, some European diplomats see such calls more as broad principles.

The draft text for Monday’s meeting also calls on Israel to resume transfers of $50m a month in Palestinian tax and customs revenue that it is withholding.

So we have Hamas saying, explicitly, that it will never recognize Israel, that it dreams of Israel's destruction, that it regards its police force as an army to fight Israel, that terrorists will not be jailed and in fact will be rewarded, that those who blow up Jewish civilians are heroes - all things that Hamas leaders have said in only the past couple of weeks.

And the immoral EU says, sure, we must fund these monsters, because only by giving them money so they can continue to send rockets into kibbutzim and bombers into Tel Aviv can there ever be peace.

The bitter irony of the fact that they cloak their collusion with terrorists in the guise of "humanitarian aid" cannot be emphasized enough. Under the pretense of morality do they tell Israel: Sorry, but Jewish lives are not worth as much to us as the possibility of a Palestinian Arab terrorist not getting paid.

The unimaginable nerve of saying that calling for Hamas to renounce terror is more of a "broad principle" than a hard demand is nothing less than saying that, when they have a choice between Western civilization and the demands of terrorists, they are happy to choose the terrorists. And then they go beyond that, and demand that Israel pay those who are sworn to destroy her!

The EU leaders, starting with Javier Solana, are gutless pawns of dhimmitude at best, and accessories to mass murder at worst. They have no claim to morality as they congratulate themselves on managing to find a way to funnel millions of Western dollars to those who want to destroy us.