Monday, April 17, 2006

The culture of terror

The mother of the scumbag who murdered at least 9 innocent people today in Tel Aviv said to AP that "there were no warning signs her son was getting involved with a militant group."

And here she is, with some family photos of her beloved murderous son:

But wait? What is her son holding in that photo?

Only in the Arab world can one go to a local photographer and pose a family member in front of his "Autumn in New England" backdrop with an automatic weapon, to see it become a cherished family memory.

And only Palestinian Arabs can say with a straight face that the children whom they raise to hate Jews, who they raise to love murderers, who they brainwash from birth into idolizing death and terror - that they are surprised when they actually do what they have been taught to do.

The mother is as guilty as the son, and it is time that the parents of these terrorists get treated the same way. She should be rotting in jail where she cannot raise and indoctrinate another set of would-be murderers.