Friday, March 24, 2006

Pakistani military: Al Qaeda works with Jews and Hindus

In an astonishing display of how ingrained the Jew-hatred is in the real Muslim world, the Pakistani military dropped pamphlets on villages near the Afghan border, telling residents not to cooperate with "foreign terrorists" because they work together with Jews and Hindus. Knowing full well that the residents hate Jews and Hindus with a passion, they figure a little bigotry can be a useful tool.

And, of course, everyone knows that the Jews and Hindus are the real terrorists and that true Muslims are incapable of hurting a fly. I mean, duh.
TANK, Pakistan - Pakistan’s military airdropped pamphlets this week over towns in restive tribal regions near the Afghan border urging tribesmen to shun ”foreign terrorists”, saying they were part of a Hindu and Jewish plot.

The pamphlets were dropped over Wana, the main town in South Waziristan, and Miranshah in North Waziristan as part of a campaign to win support among tribesmen who have shown sympathy for both Taleban and remnants of Al Qaeda living among them.

A Reuters reporter in Tank, a town close to the boundary with the semi-autonomous tribal agency of South Waziristan, obtained one of the pamphlets, bearing the sign-off “Well Wishers, Pakistan’s Armed Forces”.

Titled “Warning”, the pamphlets said the foreign militants were fighting against Pakistan in connivance with “Jews and Hindus”, a term that would play on traditional prejudices among the region’s Muslim conservatives. (Notice that Reuters doesn't describe them as "militants" or "hardliners" or "bigots," but just as "conservatives.")

This war is against foreign terrorists and their harbourers who are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with Jews and Hindus against the state of Pakistan,” it added.