Friday, March 31, 2006

Arab journalism at its finest

It is good to know that Arab journalists are willing to ask the tough questions from the newsmakers.

Just check out this hard-hitting interview by Al-Arab to noted "historian", "Dr." David Duke.
INTERVIEWER: How would you advise independent journalists or editors to resist the strong influence of the Pro-Israel lobby? If people could get in trouble just talking about it, how do you propose they fight it? Also, there are many out there who are genuinely ignorant of the power of such lobbies, how could you go about enlightening them without sounding like a 'false prophet' of some sort? You know that mainstream media plays a 'labeling game' with all those who dare to point out that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

DR.DUKE: It's as Benjamin Franklin once said, “We must hang together or we will hang separately.” If most of the journalists, academics and politicians who know about the Jewish lobby would add their voice, the Jewish powerbrokers couldn't single out anyone for their dirty work. Most of the intelligentsia knows about the Jewish supremacy in the American political and media realm, but it’s the proverbial gorilla in the room that no one dares to speak about, pretending not to see it so as not to raise its ire.

Still many need to learn the truth. As for being a false prophet, anyone who exposes this Gorilla will be labeled such. The original label of "false prophet" was used by similar Jewish extremists against Jesus Christ. They have the power to say what they will. All we can do is have the courage to speak the truth.

INTERVIEWER: Where do you stand politically or otherwise? We have heard of what is said about you by those who wish to discredit you because of your beliefs, but how would you 'label' yourself? Do you have a specific opinion on races or religions?

DR.DUKE: Of course, they slander me unjustly, for I am no supremacist or anti-Semite. I want to preserve the independence, and heritage and freedom of the European American people and I support all peoples in the struggle for those basic human rights. I am no supremacist, I don't believe in suppression of people, globalism, or lording supreme over other nations, religions or peoples. I have been telling the truth about Zionism for many years, so I have earned the hatred of these extremist Jews who are themselves supremacists who seek supremacy not over simply Palestine and the Mideast, but over the political and media apparatus of the United States. Also, I am not an anti-Semite, it is the extremist Jews I oppose, not every Jew, and I respect greatly those Jews who themselves oppose the Jewish extremist elements. My latest book, Jewish Supremacism, is dedicated to a courageous Jew, the late Dr. Israel Shahak. Unfortunately the extremists control the organized Jewish community and through their power influence us powerfully as well....

We must not retreat. Those of us who know the truth must stand together and know that those whom the Jewish extremists hate the most are our best friends.

INTERVIEWER: We are much grateful that you have accepted to answer our questions. We thank you for your time and effort.

The KKK and the Arabs...a match made in jihad heaven.