Sunday, December 11, 2005

Doctor, I need help. I just can't self-nominate!

I admit I like to be mentioned in the weekly Haveil Havalim, and I admit I like getting the extra hits that mentions like that generate. But I can't nominate myself for these things!

I thought I had a lot of good posts this week, especially the Palestine Post-ings articles on Kiryat Gat/Intel, December 9 1947, and the aborted Palestinian Arab state of 1948. Beyond those, my article on the Palestinian Arab "peace" soccer game got picked up by the Cuanas blog, people seemed to like the Saeb Erekat morality post, and many read the UN map post. And SoccerDad thought I should nominate my post on Paradise Now.

Not to mention that the second annual JIB awards are coming and I also can't bring myself to nominate this blog. It just feels wrong - if people like a blog, it seems to me that they should nominate what they like, not the bloggers themselves. Not that I look down at those who do. It just doesn't feel right to me.

I actually started trying to compose a self-nomination to A Whispering Soul, who is compiling HH this week. I simply couldn't do it.

I think I may need an on-line shrink to help me work through these issues!