Monday, November 07, 2005

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Who wrote this?
For all their big noise and blusterous approach to statecraft, the Bush clique and the Neo Con establishment that stands behind it are as legally fragile as any evil concoction of men and women. It is obvious that any force or political agglomeration that is based on the imposition of its own dictates on its own society – and the world at large – cannot be expected to pass the test of honor and conscientiousness in flying colors. Sooner or later, the true colors of scandal and misconduct, as well as the abuse of power it has relied on to institute its will and dictates will show in their true living colors and all their claims to goodness and “freedom and democracy”, not to mention their promises of safety and security for all can be thrown against the wall.

First it will be Mr. Libby, the Chief of Staff of the icon of icons in this estrablishment, Vice President Dick Cheney. However, pretty soon, one will start seeing the strings of attachment and links to the network of evil that has overtaken the American political scene for half a decade now with its false façade of loyalty become clearly manifested to the American people and they, more than anyone else will certainly demand a very strong explanation, if not justice from their Congressmen and Congresswomen for their long silence on the bad behavior of their executive leadership.

One of the interesting phenomenon that the Bush Administration is that it has adopted as an inalienable right for states to meddle in the internal affairs of other states and to use all their influence and power to do so and achieve their objectives accordingly. Thus, we have all been affected by all the policies that have long ago reflected an evil streak in them, which have been called for by the neo cons and the icons of the Bush Administration in seminars and conferences mostly organized and endorsed by the International Zionist Establishment. We have also warned that, from the very beginning, this establishment is after something that will probably have a strong bearing on the trend in American politics and state of being – for the worse of course. Logic will dictate to anyone that an alliance that is deeply nurtured in the concept of the “ends justify the means” cannot etch its place in society without having to inflict pain on many people and destroy the lives of many others. The Zionist establishment, which has spoon-fed this Neo Con establishment with false pretensions about itself and perceptions about the rest of the world is well known for its record of evil and deceit as a “genuine moral society” that is the pride of Western culture and civilization in the region. But surely, this establishment was not expected to railroad all the American people into believing that if Israel can enjoy the imposition of will by power and chauvinistic dogma, then imagine what America can do in the rest of the world? A frightening scenario it would seem to many an observer, and others might even say far fetched. But the fact is that the association of these Neo Cons to the Zionist establishment is there for everyone to see. It will be the right of Americans to ask, why all this mess we are seeing in Iraq and why this continued insistence to meddle in the affairs of other nations so far away and not directly having any effects on the affairs of state within the United States? It should also be important for the American people to know that they have been asked to pay a dear price for the implementation of policies that create enemies more than friends, increase tension more than they create an aura of international peace and they impose more autocracy than spread the call of freedom. Evil begets evil and there is no evil that this world has seen in these times more than the Zionist menace that has sought to dominate the affairs of state not just in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon (not to mention Iran) with the unfailing support of the Neo Con establishment in the United States, but has actually sought to deepen its niches in the American political establishment through the adoption of typical “twist your arms” tactics, financial string puppetry and scandalous connivance (the Monica Lewinsky Affair is not far behind in one’s memories). If the Bush Administration believes the American people can be misled and have their trust exploited forever, then how could the rest of the freedom loving people of the world ever hope for a brighter future?

Isn't it amazing how the far left rhetoric is now indistinguishable from that of the Arab world?

The West-haters in the Arab world have found such affinity with the rhetoric of the Left that they feel quite at home writing editorials like this, even with the implication that they aren't against the US as a whole, but only against Bush (echoing the Left's defensive "We are patriotic too!" line.) Their agendas are obvious - the destruction of Western civilization and the ascendancy of an Islamic umma. But since it dovetails so nicely with the far Left agenda, they have learned to use the language of the Left as it suits them.

Too bad that this language includes overt anti-semitism.