Sunday, July 10, 2005

UK-Sun: Israel not victim of Islamic terror

Thanks to Media Backspin for posting this map in the Sun (UK) of major terror attacks by Islamic terrorists in recent years:

So they do recognize that it is "Islamic" terror. They do recognize that it is a worldwide phenomenon.

But no matter what happens, they will not acknowledge that the hundreds of terror attacks against Israel fit the same definition. Somehow, they still think that terror attacks against Jews in Israel are not terror but a legitimate freedom fighter movement - even though Hamas' and Islamic Jihad's philosophy is indistinguishable from that of Al Qaeda.

Interestingly, synagogues in London are built like fortresses to foil terror attacks. But there is still the cognitive dissonance between Arabs wanting to kill Jews in Britain (bad) and Arabs wanting to kill Jews in Israel (justifiable.)

Genteel Jew-hatred is alive and well in England.