Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fake Palestinian terror "condemnation" #1473

Yet again, the Palestinians attack and kill Jewish civilians in a terror attack.

Yet again, the head fo the PA pretends to "condemn" the attack - but a closer look at his words shows that he has no moral qualms with Jews being blown up, it's just that it was done at the wrong time.

And yet again, the world media prints this "condemnation" as if the head of the PA is anything less than a pathological, habitual liar.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday condemned a suicide bombing that killed two Israeli women in a seaside city hours earlier, using unusually strong language.

'We condemn this terrorist attack. It's a crime against the Palestinian people,' he said. 'Those traitors are working against the Palestinian interest. There is no rational man who can do those things on the eve of the Israeli withdrawal from 22 settlements,' Abbas said.

'They did a stupid thing that they should be punished for,' he told reporters."